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Here is a summary of wildlife seen around the Community Farm and Trails 1 and 2.

Trail 1 - around the farm and White Bridge Spinney

Wild flowers

Water meadows, paddocks and refuge field: marsh orchid, water avens, brooklime, lady's smock, comfrey, water forget-me-not, hemlock water dropwort, wild angelica, meadowsweet, ragged
robin, marsh marigold, meadow vetchling, silverweed, purple loosestrife, yellow loosestrife, marsh birdsfoot trefoil, monkey flower, watercress, water crowfoot, fleabane, teasel, round-leaved fluellen, weasel snout, yarrow, gallant soldiers, dandelion, hedge garlic, mayweed.

Boardwalk and hedgerows: snowdrop, celandine, coltsfoot, ground ivy, cowslip, greater celandine, red campion, primrose, globe thistle, woody nightshade, enchanter's nightshade, wild arum, majoram.

Tree and Hedgerow
Ash, sycamore, beech, alder, crack willow, goat willow, poplar, whitebeam, field maple, birch, horse chestnut, walnut, wild cherry, hazel, various fruit trees, elder, elm, rowan, privet, hawthorn, blackthorn, alder buckthorn, dogwood, spindle, dog rose, ivy, old man's beard, hop, mistletoe. .

Water vole, otter, roe deer, grey squirrel, hedgehog, fox, field vole, brown rat, mole.
Bats:- Pipistrelle, Daubenton's, serotine, noctule.

Lapwing, barn owl, little owl, kestrel, sparrow-hawk, red kite, buzzard, swallow, house martin, swift, reed bunting, jackdaw, starling, snipe, song thrush, mistle thrush, blackbird, robin, tits – great, blue and long-tailed, wren, jay, chiffchaff, kingfisher, bullfinch, chaffinch, goldfinch, greenfinch, sedge warbler, great spotted and green woodpecker, goldcrest, stock dove, wood pigeon, pied and grey wagtail, rook, crow, magpie, jay, pheasant, dunnock, fieldfare, redwing, mute swan, mallard, Canada goose, moorhen, grey heron, little egret, lesser whitethroat.

Butterflies: meadow brown, brimstone, red admiral, green veined, large and small white, speckled wood, common blue, peacock, comma, orange-tip, brown argus, small copper, small tortoiseshell.
Dragonflies: broad-bodied chaser, southern hawker, common darter, common damselfly
Moths: click here for large number of moths recorded by J and M Notton 14/8/14.
Other: hover flies, bumble bees, leaf and reed beetle, 7 spot and harlequin ladybirds, sawfly, cranefly, caddisfly millipede, brown-lipped snail.

Eyelash, candle-snuff, parasol, ink cap, coral spot, bracket fungus Ganoderma adsperum, velvet shank.

River Dipping Catches
Minnow, stickleback, bullhead, brook lamprey, fresh water shrimp, caddisfly, mayfly and alderfly larvae, leech, fresh water limpet, ramshorn, nerite and pond snail, water boatman, water scorpion. Seen: brown trout, grayling.

Trail 2 - Higher Level Stewardship Field and Downland

Green-winged, fragrant, pyramidal, common spotted and frog orchids, birdsfoot trefoil, horseshoe, kidney and tufted vetch, salad burnet, germander speedwell, milkwort, cowslip, squinancywort, wild thyme, small, devilsbit and field scabious, lady's and hedge bedstraw, greater and common knapweed, mignonette, poppy, dropwort, rough hawkbit, black meddick, red and white clover, wild carrot, wild parsnip, sainfoin, rest-harrow, agrimony, felwort, toadflax.

Brown hare, roe deer, rabbit, bank vole, field vole, wood mouse, slow-worm.

Birds (not listed previously)
Yellowhammer, linnet, whitethroat, skylark, meadow pipit, red-legged partridge, tawny owl (heard).

Butterflies:- marbled white, chalkhill and adonis blue, clouded yellow, ringlet, green hairstreak, small heath, small and large skipper, painted lady, gatekeeper.
Moths:- mother shipton, six-spot burnet, silver cloud.
Others:- solitary and bumble bee, glow-worm.





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