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Ella, our Oxford Sandy & Black sow, has given birth to five piglets. She was crossed with a Kune Kune boar.


We now have six Saddle Back piglets, seen here at 8 weeks old. (The wellinton boot is a plaything).

As a working farm, our livestock is constantly changing. We aim to raise traditional breeds of pigs and have had Tamworth, Oxford Sandy and Black, British Lop Ear and now Gloucestershire Old Spots varieties.

You can see our Gloucestershire Old Spots sow, Rosie, with an earlier farrowing on YouTube.
Watch Rosie and the piglets here:

Our pigs are checked and fed twice a day by our volunteers.
Their usual food is specially formulated pig food which contains trace elements, natural vitamins & minerals. This is supplemented with fresh fruit and vegetables which local people donate.

Gloucester Old Spots

British Lop

Oxford Sandy & Black


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