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Our Livestock


Our aim is to raise mainly older breeds, many of which are quite rare.
We are not a petting farm, we need to raise animals commercially, whilst ensuring that their quality of life is the best we can offer.

Our sheep and cattle thrive on the excellent grass on the River Bourne water meadows, have cover from the hedgerow system and are moved to higher ground when the ground demands it.
They are checked every day and during the winter months are given a cake feed to maintain their vitamin levels.  

Our pigs held on the farm are housed in their own compound with a dry warm ark to retire to. During hot weather shade screens are in place and the provision of a well watered wallow means that they can cool off and get a protective coating of mud which protects their skin from the sun. They are checked, fed and watered twice a day.

Our goats have their own warm dry pen and go for walks everyday  to enjoy the brambles and thistles which abound in the hedgerows.

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