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The Chicken and the Egg Story

The hens you see when you come to River Bourne Community Farm are Lohmann Browns, hybrid birds, bred for their excellent egg production.
These hens will lay eggs regularly about 6 days a week for 12 – 18 months. They generally have a day off a week!
At certain times of the year they will go through a moult, a process of shedding and renewing their feathers, they may look a little ‘tatty’ while they go through this process!
After this time they may or may not lay on a regular basis, and for this reason will go to market for onward sale for eggs or meat. The flocks are rotated in this way to ensure a good supply of eggs for sale.  The ‘holes’ you might see in the field are dust baths which help the hens to keep any unwanted visitors at bay and keep their feathers in good condition.
The bulk of the eggs are of medium or large size, with a smaller number of extra large, but we are limited to what they lay.
The eggs we sell are  from the hens you see, they are very busy girls, but on rare o
ccasions when demand exceeds supply we may also stock eggs from another local farm.

We have just expanded our hen flocks with another hen house and 80 point-of-lay hens. These are Bovans Brown, a breed prized for their consistent egg production. As with any new flock, they will produce small eggs initially.

Eggs are available for sale during office hours form the Farm Shop, why not pop in and sample Fresh Free range Eggs?

Egg sizes are decided by weight. We have an automatic egg grader where the eggs are checked for faults or cracks and are then weighed for size.

Extra Large  73g +over  
Large  63 - 73g
Medium  53 - 63g
Small  53g + under

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