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Facility Overview

About the farm

'Contact with the land and animals is good for the well being of individuals. It gives young people in particular the opportunity to learn about caring and working with others as part of a team. It offers a chance to develop positive attitudes, a strong sense of purpose and feelings of achievement'.


Rare and traditional breeds of farm animal will be raised in open barns, giving opportunities to participants to prepare them for agricultural shows.
The area adjacent to the farm will be utilised for the growing of potatoes, carrots, parsnips and other root crops. All participants will benefit from the experience gained in the planting, harvesting, preparation and cooking of these vegetables. This will help them learn and understand the fundamentals of land care and plant growing, and to appreciate the relevance to today's modern lifestyle.



There are specific skills based opportunities for a wide variety of community and educational groups covering anything from livestock/crop management and woodwork to traditional hedgerow planting and fence erection.
Teaching areas will be available for groups to use for development, management and preservation of water meadows, land based studies and the environment, agricultural engineering and woodworking, farming skills, cookery and bee keeping, along with many others.
Students can farm some of the land to grow hay and cereals. The sale of these crops will enhance their overall experience and contribute to the success of the farm.



It is our aim that all members of our local community who walk through the gates of the River Bourne Community Farm will go away with increased self-esteem, having gained various skills through working in a farm environment. Some students will use the River Bourne Community Farm experience to work towards gaining formal qualifications. They will all have participated in useful work, taken responsibilities, worked individually and as part of a team, but above all, really enjoyed themselves.

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