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Ian Pedliham - Local Partner and Beekeeper at River Bourne Community Farm

Bees are very busy creatures and make millions of journeys to collect the nectar from flowers to make the honey that we find so tasty. Once back in the hive the bees fan their wings over the raw nectar to remove as much water from it as they can. They then seal the honeycomb with a thin layer of wax. When the honey is ready to harvest the wax capping is sliced off with a knife. The honeycomb is then placed in a centrifuge barrel and the honey is spun out and collected.
I currently have two hives at River Bourne Community Farm and in this their first year they have produced about 20 pounds of honey as surplus for us. Hopefully next year there will be a lot more. I also have two other hives in Salisbury and the honey from these is also available for you through the farm shop.
I try to keep the honey as pure and natural as possible with very little processing. The 'clear' honey may be a little cloudy. This is due to small particles of pollen which is still yummy and good for you! The 'set' honey is a naturally crystallized honey which has been stirred to break down the large crystals so you don't bend your knife when you try to get it out of the jar! I hope you enjoy the honey that our busy bees have worked so hard to get for us. Remember it's pure Salisbury honey.


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