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The latest additions to River Bourne Community Farm are three beautiful male alpacas who were very generously donated to us by Alison and Keith from Watership Alpacas.  There is one brown one called Dune and two white ones called Woolly and Archie.  Alapacas are fabulous lawnmowers and are hardy and intelligent animals.  They can live happily with most other livestock and will guard against predators.  We aim to continue their training so that we can walk them on a halter.
Alpacas originate from the high Andes of South America and were originally domesticated over 5000 years ago and became treasured by the ancient Incan civilisations.  Their fine cashmere-like fleece was reserved solely by royalty.   These amazing animals provided the food, fuel and clothing for a civilization that thrived in an otherwise hostile environment.  Today they are kept for their fleece which is known for its fineness, lustre, lightweight and insulating quality, which is eight times warmer than wool!
We are delighted to have them on the farm and think they make a fantastic addition to our livestock.  Come and see them!

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